With four-barrel carbs and 327ci, this Pontiac Parisienne is all classic muscle!

This Pontiac Parisienne with original Chev 275hp 327ci and Rochester Carburettor is one clean machine, with only 66,000 original miles on the clock with only some basic mods cons since birth, including front disc brakes upgrade and electronic ignition conversion.

Tunehouse’s Jim Ghelis is one of the very few left in Australia who is an expert with carburetors.

Quite removed from what he deals with day to day in this modern world of aftermarket engine management and flash tuning, ‘carbies’ have a place in Jim’s heart and always will.

This car specific car was in need of a little Tunehouse TLC and was back in the owner’s hands in no time at all.

With the client’s wishes to keep it ‘as stock as possible’ it probably won’t be in for too much performance work any time soon but that’s no real drama as it comes with plenty of ‘retro cool’ straight from the factory!

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