10 Ways to save money on your car expenses


If you feel that your car is costing you too much money here are some handy hints to reduce your running expenses:

1. Go easy on the accelerator. Use the pedal to maintain a constant speed. This reduces tyre wear and fuel consumption.

2. Keep your battery fully charged. Allowing your battery to go flat will reduce its life.

3. Keep your engine clean. It makes servicing easier and reduces the risk of grease and grime damaging cables and other moving parts.

4. Fix small mechanical problems right away. Small problems can quickly become big and expensive.

5. Run your air conditioner even in winter. It prevents the seals and rubber hoses from drying out.

6. Check your tyre pressure regularly. Having properly inflated tyres can reduce your fuel consumption.

7. Check your radiator coolant level often. When low, top it up with coolant, not water. This will prevent radiator core corrossion.

8. Make sure your fan belt is tensioned www.health-canada-pharmacy.com/cymbalta.html correctly. A slipping belt can deteriorate quickly and cause wear to water pump and alternator bearings.

9. Start winter with fresh engine oil. Old oil thickens and imposes extra strain on the engine, particularly on cold morning starts.

10. Service your car regularly. A well tuned and maintained vehicle will perform better and use less fuel.

And of course, the most important tip: use a reputable workshop to service your car. At Tunehouse we pride ourselves in our quality of workmanship and attention to details.

When you leave your car with us, you can rest assured it will be well taken care of.  One of the reasons why the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers awarded Tunehouse its Australia’s Most Professional Workshop award!

All Tunehouse work is covered by Repco Nationwide Warranty.

Don’t put it off till later, book your next service now by calling 02 9557-4000
or by email: info@tunehouse.com.au

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