Motor Magazine Tunehouse/Cosworth BRZ

You won’t have to wait that long for a fully fledged, hardcore BRZ. As soon as the boat docks with the first load of Subaru’s new cult coupe, the aftermarket tuning industry will be on them like a pack of wolves. And our mates at Sydney’s Tunehouse Racing will be among them. Tunehouse has been a regular contender at our annual Hot Tuner Challenge, showing up in 2010 with a Cosworth-spec STI hatch, and is already looking at what it could do with a similar street-tuned BRZ this year.

For starters, our Tunehouse BRZ would keep the stock Subie’s body work for an understated look but feature bright orange paintwork with the optional STi carbon-fibre roof. But don’t let the stealth look fool you.

Because underneath it’s had some major surgery. The DI 2.0-litre boxer has been junked for a stroked 2.6 litre Cosworth crate engine using a billet crank, HKS GT-spec turbo and a front-mount intercooler. With a lightweight billet flywheel, EcuTek ECU and a custom Tunehouse dyno tune, it’d crack an easy 250kW at the treads, but requires an under-car external surge tank and 380kW fuel pump for a bulletproof level of reliability.

To put all that power through the rear treads, it’s got KW Variant 3 coil-overs that are adjustable for height, bump and rebound, Whiteline sway-bars bushes and alignment kit and a 1.5-way Tunehouse LSD. Rolling stock is taken care of by 18-inch Advan alloys with Federal RSR tyre, staggered with 245/35s on the front and 285/30s on the back for maximum grip.

Ans to ensure it returns from warp speed, there are Cosworth six-piston front/four-piston rear calipers, with Clubsport pads, braided lines and a master cylinder support bracket for added brake feel.

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