Jim’s Word – September 2012

Superlap – What a blast! Hot Tuner Challenge – Just as much fun!

It’s been another fantastic month at Tunehouse and I can tell you the results and feedback we got at Hot Tuner Challenge this year has been phenomenal! I can’t release the exact details just yet as the event promoters Motor Magazine and Toyo Tyres have an embargo on the info until the magazine hits the shelves, suffice to say we’re expecting great things! We took three cars including our own Project Toyota 86 as well as some customers rides being a Mazda MPS 3 and an Audi S3.

At Superlap we supported a couple of our customers and everyone had a fantastic event! Nothing quite like a 600hp road going STI to shake up the Clubsprint class! Plans are already afoot for the development of at least three cars we’re involved with and some other plans very close to being hatched for even more participation for 2013. Needless to say we’ll be there for 2013, it will just depend on how many cars we’ll have with us!

The development of our new project car has continued on past Hot Tuner Challenge and we’ll be introducing more parts and updating our performance upgrade kits for this model just as quickly. Keep an eye on our website for more info on this if you’re interested as this platform has quickly hit cult following on the world stage and a pile of tuners are having a go. It is crazy the amount of calls we are receiving about this car and we look forward to helping many owners out as the development continues.

Speaking of cult cars – we’ve also kicked off the development of the new Renault RS250 as well. Now that is an amazing piece of engineering and a massive amount of fun can be had considering it’s FWD driveline. Stay tuned for updates on this car come through as well as we work out ways to tie this car to the ground even further and improve already impressive performance figures!

Jim Ghelis