Jim’s Word – October 2012

Did you see us in Motor Magazine? You would have noticed our THR 86 Project car as well as a Tunehouse customers Mazda MPS 3. Feedback from the event was great and as expected we’ll be back next year bigger and no doubt better!

There’s another surprise this coming month which should feature the ABT styled Audi S3 by Tunehouse as well. Plenty of grunt at the wheels of a very stylish looking and feeling S3 that will no doubt turn some heads!

We’ve been hard at it as usual and there’s been some secret surgery to the 2 times attack cars off the back of Superlap 2012 to give us an early jump on the development ahead for 2013. There is more grip and more grunt to be had and we’ve already found some more off the back of the data we collected over the last event! There’s nothing like motorsport to inspire some creativity and ingenuity – this often filters down to awesome products and solutions for our clients as well!

We’ve also forged ahead with Project 86 since Hot Tuner Challenge – this car will be in for some tinkering over the next year under my watchful eye so you can be sure to see some big things.

With so many cars around the world getting all kinds of attention and many other tuners going for broke in terms of how much they’re spending on hardware we’re doing the hard yards to ensure we know what does what and only upgrading, replacing and modifying what needs to be done. All this to ensure we’re able to offer our customers the best possible value at each step!

We’re more than happy to receive info on what you would like to see more of, read about and have us investigate for you!

Jim Ghelis.