Jim’s Word – November 2012

With October falling to a close we really are on the home stretch towards Christmas – another year slipping through our hands! It’s all very exciting at the shop though as we’ve had some fantastic cars through the shop: R35 GT-R, BMW M3, C63 AMG and the usuall splattering of STIs, Evos, HSVs, FPVs and the friendly JDM crowd.

Akrapovic Exhaust Systems seem to be the flavour of the month with our clients as do the KW and Tein coilover products with the suspension guys. We’ve got a couple of great videos up at the moment featuring a Ford Focus ST and a list of common suspension upgrades we saw fit to suggest and a good explanation of what does what and why we chose the parts we do – so take a look!

We also made it into this month’s Performance Garage Magazine with a shoot done with our Project 86 and they’re following up this coming month with a full feature of the workshop which is awesome and worth a read – we’ve already got a pre-release edition and looking forward to your feedback once it’s on the shelves too so don’t hesitate to drop by or send us an email. There’s a little treat in the last few pages as well as they asked me for some feedback on how customers can go about saving a little money when it comes to ECU upgrades – we’re only too happy to help!

Don’t forget to take advantage of a special we’re promoting this month too – upgrades and custom tuning for Ford Falcon XR6 Turbos and F6s. Give us a call, show your friends and share it around. Those of you who drive a Tunehouse upgraded car will already know the benefits of a Tunehouse custom tune and our performance kits, so spread the word! We have a great response from our midyear promo for the VE SS and HSV so we’re showing some Ford love in the lead up to Christmas.

Safe motoring guys, speak soon!


Jim Ghelis.