Jim’s Word – MAY 2013

Ever been so busy that you’ve literally lost track of time? I often think that a busy day is a quick one but the last month has literally slipped away from us here at Tunehouse!

I can tell you what we haven’t done and it would be a shorter list than what we have achieved since Christmas and it’s no laughing matter. We’ve already got our plans set for both World Time Attack 2013 as well as Motor Magazines Hot Tuner Challenge!

We’ve got the THR 86 Project progressing nicely (see the story about the new supercharger kit we fitted) and we’ve had a couple top secret high profile cars which unfortunately can’t tell you much about as we’ve been sworn to secrecy! When OEM manufacturers and professional drivers come through the doors asking for help how can I say no?

I’m typing this between my last piccolo for the day and my next dyno tune – no rest for the wicked! See you all soon for your next Tunehouse visit. Come through and say hi and please excuse me if I’m tied to the dyno, I’ll be sure to at least wave!

Jim Ghelis