Jim’s Word – March 2012

It’s virtually Easter again… But where did the first three months of the year go?!

I know I keep going on about time flying but it seriously amazes me sometimes. In the month since we last spoke it kind of seems a little like the old days – I’ve spent more nights than I can remember on the dyno until well past midnight, 1am, or even 2am playing with my new Software.

It is official – Tunehouse can custom tune just about anything! The new Euro software I put the final touches on late last year is absolutely awesome and we’ve got a number of happy RS Focus, AMG, BMW and even Renault clients to prove it!

We’re starting to get a little bit of Superlap Fever as well – the entries for the World Time Attack filled up in less than an hour!

The ‘usual suspects’ around the Tunehouse driveway are going to get a dust off for this year’s event and we may even arrive with a few surprises as well! We do enjoy a challenge and the times that these cars are achieving is absolutely insane and a lot of fun!

Grip, grunt and response. That’s what it’s all about and we’re looking at winding the volume up on all of them!

I was fortunate enough to pop by the Melbourne Grand Prix earlier in the month. The opportunity to speak with a few colleagues and partners while enjoying some of the F1 atmosphere was all too tempting. Lots of exciting technology around the pits at that level of motorsport I can promise you!

For now though, I’ll let you enjoy the rest of our newsletter and soak up some of the news, updates and some fantastic specials!

Jim Ghelis