Jim’s Word – June 2015: Winter Season Motoring Top Tips

IMG_8938 Hi everyone. June is here and we are already half way through the year! Since the colder months are now well and truly upon us, I thought it would be a good time to remind everyone of some top tips to keep you safe and happy on the roads.

Wet weather – Sydney’s weather can be extremely temperamental as we all know. You never know when a storm can hit, and when it hits… it hits hard!

  • Tyres: Things to address are your tyres first and foremost. Tyres are most the most crucial factor affecting your cars safety. If you are in doubt about the condition of your tyres, bring your car in for us to inspect and if need be we can also organise them to be changed for you at your convenience.
  • Wipers: Having worn wipers during a storm is also a big no no and is actually required to have functioning wipers with good blades to pass a safety inspection.
  • Lights: As well as this, all your signal and brake lights must be operational. This is to make sure your car has complete visibility to other motorists which is crucial during storms.
  • For the performance enthusiasts, take it easy first thing in the morning. Let your beast warm up to its optimum operating temperature before giving it the beans! Your fluids may take a bit longer to warm up compared to the hotter months. Bear in mind, just because your coolant is up to operating temperature, it doesn’t mean your oil is!. So be careful!

All in all have a great winter season guys, keep an eye out for more exciting developments at Tunehouse!

Jim Ghelis

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