Jim’s Word – June 2012

End of financial year again – just means a little extra paperwork at Tunehouse HQ. But that hasn’t stopped one bit of the action.

It has been a great month as we’ve had some great cars through the shop in the wind-up for both Superlap 2012 and Motor Magazine’s Hot Tuner Challenge. We’ve got cars and clients running in both events so we have an enormous job ahead of us to get everything ready in time, but that’s just another day at the shop!

If you’ve picked up the new magazine on the shelf called Hot Tuner you’ll no doubt see a pile of gear from us here at Tunehouse. The minute we can get access to it we’ll get a copy up on the website too (But don’t let that stop you buying the magazine of course!). We’ve officially launched our ABT Sportsline program as well as there is a double page spread with some of the tuning solutions for your VW and AUDI performance cars to get your head around.

You can check out the main Tunehouse site and see some info on the hardcore Superlap Veteran R32 GTR as well. This car was seriously fast to start with and we’ve got some tricks up our sleeves and a development path that should find some additional time around the track in coming months so keep an eye out for that and we’ll be sure to keep the info coming through the website, Facebook and newsletter.

I also spent some time at a Toyota dealership this month too – you’ll have to check in next month to find out why!

Jim Ghelis