Jim’s Word – January 2012

Happy New Year! First of all I just wanted to say all the very best to you for 2012 from myself and the Tunehouse team! I’m expecting and planning on an amazing year ahead and have already got all the guys here back in top gear after a short but well earned break over the festive season!

December was another fast month, spurred by a few extra phone cal ls. My car, the Tunehouse development HSV Clubsport R8 was featured in Motor Magazine and we timed a special offer for our Holden clients with a never to be repeated (or beaten) introductory offer on our THR Upgrade kits for HSV and SS Commodores! Let’s just say the lead up to the Christmas break was a busy one!

To read the full article (click here).

When I read the comment Motor made; “Tunehouse has locked and loaded a monster Clubsport that still minds its manners…”, I couldn’t help but smile – a lot!

You may also note there is an article on the website explaining the differences between mono tube and twin tube suspension systems – we did this as we were asked about this by a number of our clients and we thought it would be a great idea to put the explanation up on the site for all to read.

If there is any topic you’d like to see explained in plain old English, let me know and and I’ll see what we can do!

Until next month, take care guys! Drive safely and as always don’t hesitate to drop by the shop anytime and have a chat – check out Australia’s most professional workshop for yourself!

Jim Ghelis