Jim’s Word – February 2014: Tuning, Ethanol and Saving the Planet

The race is on to replace our dependence on non-renewable energy sources. Many believe that hydrogen and electricity are the future. Others have looked to their dinner plate for a solution – popcorn anyone?

Ethanol started off with a fairly bad reputation in the early days, damaging many fuel systems not designed to take what was basically pure alcohol. Skip forward 10-15 years and we are now seeing the emergence of Ethanol as not only a viable source of sustainable energy but also the fuel of choice for many racers and tuners combined.

Fittingly I find myself tuning more and more cars on Ethanol as time progresses and with it now becoming more readily available it felt only fitting to introduce a new product to our THR Kit lineup.

We now have the ability to provide EcuTek THR Boost-By-Ethanol, by interpolating our maps and providing a high-boost and low-boost setting that functions in conjunction with the Flex-Fuel sensor.


We can now provide full custom EcuTek tunes using our THR E-Flex Kit. I have spent many hours of R&D into perfecting this application and finally we are ready to officially release our THR E-Flex kit.

If you’re looking for an easy and safe method of running E85 and 98RON give us a call or just drop by the workshop. I’m always happy to chat our our products and services.

Until next time, happy motoring!
Jim Ghelis.