Jim’s Word – December 2012

At Tunehouse we’re wrapping up yet another amazing and crazily busy year – new project cars, new suppliers and technical partners, new premises (yes you read that right!) and even more time abroad tuning and training than last year.

The new premises I mentioned is pretty exciting in itself, many of you will already be aware of the metal recycling yard that operated right next door to Tunehouse? Well, that is now the future development site of some pretty exciting new infrastructure that will all fly under the Tunehouse flag! Stay tuned for the exact details in 2013 once we manage some momentum, except to say we’re already putting the extra space to good use!

Getting back to Christmas – it’s here and whether you’ve done your Christmas shopping or not, it will be another ruthless year around the tree. What I would like to mention on this specifically is preventative maintenance of the family car. This is time of the year where you pack up the family, spend up on a new navigator and hit the road for some family filled fun.

My only comment, do yourself a favor and get the car checked out before you go anywhere. Make sure everything is up to speed before you hit the road otherwise that little holiday you planned could end up in a mess and costing you a lot more than you bargained for if your family hauler doesn’t quite make it. Most of you will know a Tunehouse customer is a confident one, we make sure you know everything there is to know about your car and we do this by taking the same attention to detail to inspections, servicing and maintenance as we do with any work and that means you can drive anywhere knowing you and your family get there!

I won’t keep you too long and I will leave you with a bit of a Christmas message – from me and the entire Tunehouse team we would like to wish you all and your families a wonderful holiday break! Look forward to seeing you all soon!

Safe motoring guys, speak soon!
Jim Ghelis