Jim’s Word – April 2012

What did you guys end up doing on for Easter and Anzac Day? Tunehouse is open almost every other day of the year so we barely knew what to do with ourselves this month! Was a great opportunity for family and friends though so certainly no complaints. We’re officially on the countdown for Superlap and Hot Tuner Challenge though so we’ll make up for it with plenty of late nights heading our way!

Speaking of Superlap, we’ve been talking lately around the shop about the benefits of weight reduction when it comes to race cars. There are plenty of guys out there who spend all their time chasing power in order to lower their track times (and it does help), however weight reduction also does it and has a number of flow on benefits. Think about it this way – less weight means not only more speed (power-to-weight) with what power you already have, but also means both your existing brakes and suspension will also be that much more efficient! Every kilo saved means better handling, acceleration and braking – all good news so think twice about your next upgrade carefully if you’re considering some track work!

Keep an eye on our YouTube channel in the coming weeks as well! We wound up a little early on Saturday through the month and shot a quick video showcasing the Tunehouse workshop. We had a pile of fun with some of our long term clients and their cars making an appearance too! Watch out for that and no doubt we’ll get it up on Facebook and the website as soon as we can!

For now, enjoy this month’s newsletter and as always, don’t hesitate to drop in, say hi and check you Tunehouse for yourself anytime!

Jim Ghelis