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Dyno Tuning

Advantages Of Tuning Your Car

Here are some of the benefits of custom dyno tuning:

  • Increased power and torque
  • Enhanced engine response
  • Greater torque spread
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Maximum safety and reliability

A periodical visit to the Tunehouse dyno can also check and log the performance of your car, check your speedometer for accuracy, diagnose faults in real time, replicate real world conditions and perform new engine run-in procedures.

The Tunehouse dyno is also often booked for motor sport research and development and is used extensively during the testing of all Tunehouse performance & motor sport parts as well as all of our performance upgrade kits.


Our Philosophy

We often hear of stories about workshops using the same maps and settings across many different cars. This can’t possibly be any further from the Tunehouse philosophy – every single upgrade performed at Tunehouse is 100% custom tuned on the dyno to ensure the best possible results every time. This is the essence of custom tuning! It isn’t until you make these changes with a view to improving performance do you know if you’ve got the best results for your client.

Call Tunehouse to discuss your needs today. The Tunehouse dyno has seen all kinds of cars grace it’s hubs including open wheeler race cars, drag cars, circuit racers as well as good old V8 muscle cars. At Tunehouse we specialise in tuning virtually all makes and models, including carburetor and EFI systems.

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Precise Tuning

During dyno tuning, we perform many dyno runs. In between these dyno runs we are making small changes to the setup and configuration of your car. Runs are performed between changes to measure the difference that our alterations have made.

This is where the stability, repeatability and control of our unique and award winning dyno testing cell is incredibly important as without it, there is room for error in the collection of data. You can read more in detail about what went into this room here: Tunehouse Dyno Cell and Wind Tunnel.

Dyno tuning can only be performed if there are changes that can be made. In some vehicles there is very little that can be changed and in others there is much more. On the same token there are solutions and products available from Tunehouse that allow us to make these adjustments where otherwise it might not be an option.


Dyno tuning of your car allows us to test and adjust your car’s settings in a controlled environment where the slightest of changes can be measured.

Tuning For All Cars

All types of cars old and new can benefit from dyno tuning. Typically from the dealership, most even new cars are in a state of miss-tune. Factory tunes are conservative to account for poor fuel and inconsistent conditions allowing for a range of tolerances that today’s cars are delivered with.

Older cars may also go out of tune due to damage and wear of components and failing sensors etc. On the Tunehouse dyno road speeds and loads be replicated in an environment where adjustments can be made and measured in the pursuit for maximum response, power and economy. Only a Tunehouse dyno test can genuinely show the performance changes from your A/C or headlights being turned on and off – it is that accurate!

A custom dyno tune at Tunehouse will improve not only the day to day performance of the vehicle but also reduce your fuel costs saving you money in the long run. This will in turn help to save the environment by reducing harmful greenhouse gases and your carbon footprint. Remember, a powerful tune is an efficient one!

Quality Flash Tuning

Flash Flash tuning is the term applied to the tuning process where the computer in your car that controls the engine can be effectively re-programmed.

Adjustments can be made to the tuning of the car in the same way the car was setup from the factory and means the car can be calibrated for aftermarket and performance modifications. Even a stock and unmodified car can be tuned in this fashion and often performance can be improved.

With the greater majority of cars these days there is an electronic control unit (ECU) that is programmed and tuned by the manufacturer when the car is built to ensure your engine starts and runs. This unit generally dictates the level of performance available. Unlike cars of a few years back when you would drop it off every year or so for a ‘tune-up’ these electronically controlled cars are not normally adjustable.

Either the ECU and their sensors is working correctly in-which case your car runs fine, or there is a problem and the car needs to be checked for faults. A Tunehouse flash tune allows us to adjust these settings which would otherwise not be possible so that performance, drive-ability and economy can be improved upon.


Custom Flash Tuning

Another important factor with the Tunehouse suite of flash tuning is we resist getting involved unless we have absolute control over the tuning process. Often we hear of and see “other” tuning organisations that have maps emailed to them to simply program them to their customers cars. At Tunehouse however you get a completely customised tune to suit you and your car, every time. It is the only way we will get involved.

Custom flash tuning equates to improvements in power and torque no doubt, but it also can have a huge effect on the drive-ability and fuel economy of your car. Massive improvements to your fuel bill can be achieved with flash tuning as can the enjoyment of driving after we can iron out fluctuations in torque presented from the factory. Most flash tuning is performed through the factory diagnostic port (OBDII) and apart from the additional performance under your right foot, there is little sign your car has been tuned or modified. Compared to aftermarket stand alone ECU’s, interceptor ECU’s and other such tuning solutions, flash tuning your factory ECU has fantastic benefits. As it is working with the factory technology and engineering you can retain all the great features you take for granted with your factory ECU such as cold starts, smooth idle and cruise control. All your factory instruments work without any hiccups and the diagnostic and servicing procedures remain as the factory intended.

In more unique cases, we can connect directly to the ECU using probes to extract engine information. Combined with our other techniques, this allows us to tune almost every ECU available on the market.

Quality Diesel Tuning

With advances in technology, diesel engines have come a long way in recent years and are no longer considered the noisy, dirty truck engines from a few years ago. The popularity of diesel performance is on the rise and impressive torque and power is being offered from the factory in a range of vehicles, from traditional 4WD’s right through to hot hatches.

The great news to those taking up the diesel tradition is these engines are not immune to the Tunehouse treatment. As with all engines, they are set up from the factory with a little left up their sleeve that we can unleash for you. Diesel engines are built to withstand higher levels of stress than a normal petrol engine and as such make an ideal candidate for performance tuning at little expense. Carefully selected changes to late model diesels can reap massive rewards whether it be your Euro performance hatch, 4WD tourer or SUV – Tunehouse will have a tuning solution that will suit.


We’ve Researched Range Of Solutions

Tunehouse have looked in every corner of the globe for a range of diesel tuning solutions to ensure we can tune and modify just about any vehicle and unleash more torque, efficiency and drive ability. As with every upgrade at Tunehouse, a diesel tune and upgrade will be custom dyno tuned to ensure the very best results, each and every time. We take the time to ensure every avenue is explored, tested and confirmed to ensure when you pick your vehicle up, it has every safe and drive able Nm and KW it is capable of!

If you are ready for improved performance, massive torque gains and want to save money at the pump then you are ready for a Tunehouse diesel upgrade. A more powerful tune is an efficient one in every sense of the word and that includes fuel economy.

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Quality ECU Tuning

There are a number of different aftermarket ECU alternatives and at Tunehouse we’re here to help you decide which suits your project. There are pro’s and con’s to each and some have their inherent strengths while they also have their limitations. Understanding this is key to choosing the best ECU for your project and at any time you’re not sure we heavily recommend contact Tunehouse for info.

Aftermarket ECU’s will allow you to take complete control of the engine management functions in an existing EFI car or it can also serve to assist in setting up a new EFI engine that has been retro fitted to an earlier car.

Tuning Different ECU Variations

At Tunehouse we take pride in the fact we tune most different ECU variations and models – It is this ability that can also help work out which is the best for your project!

Tunehouse are either partnered directly with or can resell a number of different aftermarket ECU’s and accessories so take a look though the list we’ve prepared here and as always, don’t hesitate to let us know if you need any more information (02) 9557 4000 or

Dyno Power Runs

This is where the car is loaded onto the dyno and we perform a run; for example from 1500 RPM through to 7000 RPM at full throttle in fourth gear. This gives us a dyno graph and shows the torque and power that the car produces within that RPM range.

We can also gather other data at this time depending on the vehicle including air fuel ratio and injector duty cycles. From this data we can also give you feedback on the level of performance and how it might compare to another vehicle and we can also use this information to assist in diagnosing faults and gremlins with the vehicle.



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