Diesel Tuning

With advances in technology, diesel engines have come a long way in recent years and are no longer considered the noisy, dirty truck engines from a few years ago. The popularity of diesel performance is on the rise and impressive torque and power is being offered from the factory in a range of vehicles, from traditional 4WDā€™s right through to hot hatches.

The great news to those taking up the diesel tradition is these engines are not immune to the Tunehouse treatment. As with all engines, they are set up from the factory with a little left up their sleeve that we can unleash for you. Diesel engines are built to withstand higher levels of stress than a normal petrol engine and as such make an ideal candidate for performance tuning at little expense. Carefully selected changes to late model diesels can reap massive rewards whether it be your Euro performance hatch, 4WD tourer or SUV ā€“ Tunehouse will have a tuning solution that will suit.

Tunehouse have looked in every corner of the globe for a range of diesel tuning solutions to ensure we can tune and modify just about any vehicle and unleash more torque, efficiency and drive ability. As with every upgrade at Tunehouse, a diesel tune and upgrade will be custom dyno tuned to ensure the very best results, each and every time. We take the time to ensure every avenue is explored, tested and confirmed to ensure when you pick your vehicle up, it has every safe and drive able Nm and KW it is capable of!

If you are ready for improved performance, massive torque gains and want to save money at the pump then you are ready for a Tunehouse diesel upgrade. A more powerful tune is an efficient one in every sense of the word and that includes fuel economy.