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“After Jim and the team at Tunehouse tuned the car, it was making a 40% gain which is impressive. So take it from me – an ecstatic customer, these guys know what they are doing and I won’t go anywhere else from now on. The Tunehouse staff are also really well mannered and extremely helpful. I’d like to thank Jim and all the staff at Tunehouse for their incredible effort. I’m very grateful.”


“After having my car road tuned by “the home of the worlds fastest turbo cars” I starting speaking with Tony from Tunehouse and we soon worked out a direction and some parts for my car. It started by me and my girlfriend making the trip down to Marrickville to meet the people I’d spoken too and also heard so much about, as soon as we pulled up at Tunehouse we were greeted with a warm welcome from Tony and Jim, after having a little chinwag Jim simply had to show off his dyno room too me where all the magic would be worked much like a giant acoustic couldron.

So that day leaving Tunehouse with a great coffee, a smile ear to ear from the friendly staff and not to mention a boot full of parts the next stage of my cars life had begun! I fitted all the components listed below myself to save costs on labour (yes im a tightass lol) but of course being a mechanic myself helped.

After a long wait on some of the parts I finally got it all together, so next was to trailer the big purple beast down to Tunehouse where it would finally get the tuning it deserved. It was a very testing week for me not having a car and not knowing what to expect (the best I hoped), finally after numerous phone calls (sorry Jess and Tony) I was anxious when the phone rang at 9o’clock friday night. Jim had just finished the tuning my car and the results below speak for themselves. I cannot commend Jim, the guys from Tunehouse and of course Jess enough for the great tune that they have achieved for my car!”


“Thanks to all you guys, you all do a great job and keep it up. After 7 years im still coming back and not looking to go anywhere else. Both Steve and Myself really appreciate the work you guys do for us and the service you guys offer. Keep up the good work.”


“Hi guys just want to say thanks for installing my gauges today! Looks fantastic! Special thanks to Tony for installing them and Tim for running through a few things for me. Its true the workshop is immaculate! Thanks again will come back for my service and few mods down the track!”


“I just want to thank you again for sorting out the flash issue last week. It is really appreciated and I have got to say Tunehouse’s post sales support Is absolutely outstanding.

I will continue to recommend you guys to all my friends as the number one shop in town.”

Ford FG Falcon – Tim

“The poeple who do the meet & greet, yes a shiny floor shows they have pride in the work place, excellent. But it is the people who work there that sell it. Tunehouse have staff who smile, say hello & happily answer any questions. The place is spotless & best of all they do an excellent job every time. Thumbs up all round!”

Ford FG – Daryl

“Well guys, I had this amazing piece of literature typed up about my journey up and down the east coast which led to my turbo shatting itself. Unfortunately the photo uploader didn’t, and when I went to the basic uploader I lost all the amazing text, so now you’ll get the abridged version.

The turbo shat itself, but still ran for around 1000km in it’s death roll. It seems the culprit was again the pissant oil filter supplied by Fraud instead of something decent.
I made it as far as Tunehouse on the way back from Coolangatta, as the noises were becoming very nasty. Jim helped me decide on a combination that would meet my needs. As I didn’t want to mix good parts with bad / tired ones we decided to start at the front and finish at the back. Jim also said he would check the car out thoroughly and he wasn’t kidding. He found a number of issues that needed attention including:

1. Broken engine mount,

2. Broken rubber bushes supporting diff and centre bush,

3. Crimped wiring and hoses from original Nizpro II installation (no names no pack drill)

4. Unsecured ABS wiring at rear near diff, 5. Missing heat shielding around exhaust at rear

I ended up going with:

1. Atomic 698 built to Tunehouse specs,

2. Billlet flexplate and crank girdle,

3. Hybrid turbo,

4. Process West race cooler, plenum and cold air kit

5. Process West surge tank,

6. Tunehouse 4″ exhaust,

7. Nolathane centre and side diff bushes, new heat shielding etc

The service experience from Jim and the team at Tunehouse was excellent. They have certainly raised the bar and are setting a new standard in customer support. Not only did I get and comprehensive photo porfolio on CD of the buildup, but I also recieved a folder with an abundance of technical information, specifications and run-in procedures, and a certificate of authenticity for the engine build. The boys took the time to explain everything that went on, using the photos to highlight key aspects of the build, and show some of the issues that needed to be dealt with. This gave me alot of confidence that they were doing the job right, and took pride in what was being created. Jim then took me out for a coffee, as the Sydney traffic was a bit too feral for me to head south yet, and explained his phylosophy of providing the best possible service experience and workmanship: do it once – do it right. This is what I tell my kids, so it really struck a chord with me.

The drive home from Sydney was both amazing and frustrating. The car felt so different, so tightly connected and smooth. It never ran this well even when it was new!! The frustration came from having to keep the right foot under control, to load it up but not let the revs get above 4500rpm. Even so, she is a frisky one. Boost has been contained significantly, ranging from a baby 4lb at 2000rpm increasing linearly to around 11lb at 5000rpm. This provides around 337rwkw in what is still a very tight motor, so I think there are bigger and better things coming for this girl when she is run in.

In the mean time, I’ll say many thanks to Jim, Tony, Tim and the team at Tunehouse. Now I know why they get so many props from other forum members.”


“Hi Tunehouse Team. Just giving you brief feedback on the work done (W407 Performance Package) on my Holden Commodore VF II SS V Redline. Put simply, it’s a new machine! I love it!

Haven’t had a chance to feel it out completely but so far the power is where you want it. Very impressed. I’ll be back in contact after I’ve had more of a chance to test things out. Once again, thanks for working after hours last week to get the job done.”

Holden Commodore VFII SSV Redline – Tim

“Jim. Your THR Stage 2 package plus the Whiteline sway bars have made my 2018 Mazda MX-5 2.0 GT the car it should have been from the factory.

Gone is the Dyson-like droning as the strangled engine tried desperately to breath, leaving the driver, in despair, to drive it on the torque like a diesel. Now the engine breathes freely, revs smartly, and rewards the enthusiastic driver. The extra kilowatts are also welcome, but for this customer, the free-revving engine is worth the cost in itself.

It’s also worth mentioning the Whiteline sway bars and links: in standard form the car would lean on its outside like a dinghy in a gale. Perhaps this characteristic was intended to make the timid customer feel heroic; it just made me feel I was driving something dull and unsporting.

Now the car tracks much flatter, and has an improved feel in turns, greatly improving driving enjoyment.

Finally, I must compliment your staff. When I dropped the car in, Tony politely and efficiently managed me, and even took the time to drop me at the station. When I collected the car, I was equally impressed with the courtesy, and obvious passion for tuning, of the people who served me.

Based on my experience to date, I would recommend Tunehouse to anyone.”

ND Mazda MX5 – Nick

“Tell the boys she drives like a dream now. Clearly the work of experts! Her new idle at the lights will take some getting used to, but she’s so much improved in every way

Pass on my best and merry Christmas.”

R33 Nissan Skyline GTST LINK ECU Install & Tune – Aaron

“Thanks to Jim and Tony – really happy with the work – professional on every level – highly recommend you to anyone who wants to upgrade and increase engine performance.”

Hyundai i30SR – Tim

“Car drives superbly. Is much smoother than before and while I drove home mostly in peak hour traffic and didn’t get much past 2nd gear it is obvious it has more kick than before. The car is going to sit in the garage for the next 10 days while I am interstate but I look forward to giving it a real test drive after that.

Again thank you to you and your team. You looked after me and went the extra mile. The quality of your work is outstanding.”

VZ HSV Clubsport – David

“My factory clutch always felt a bit soft and would take-up fairly high so after my recent mods it was time for an upgrade. After some research I settled on one of Jim’s organic twin-plate jobs. Its no heavier, and gets on with the job without the vagueness of the factory clutch meaning faster and easier shifts. As usual all work was done to perfection!!

Highly recommended upgrade. Thanks Tunehouse!”


“I want to say thanks to yourself and all the guys who work at Tunehouse. The work that was done to my car was nothing short of amazing. I love the way that the car has turned out and I have every faith in the work that was done. You managed to fix a few things that we wrong with the car and extract an awful lot of performance from the engine. When I brought the car in I wasn’t expecting the power that you managed to get from the car, and I am more than happy with the result. I was kept well informed of the progress throughout the week and the guys there were extremely accommodating.

The knowledge of your team and your abilities to extract power from the car on the dyno proved to be fantastic and as a result an extremely happy with the car. I want to thank you and the rest of your guys for their work and effort and I will certainly recommend you to anyone else I know who is looking for a reputable place for tuning and for servicing.

Thanks again Jim, looking forward to seeing you again.”


“I recently called on the friendly team at Tunehouse when I experienced an automotive emergency. My car had broken down in Newtown and I was at a loss for what to do. The guys from Tunehouse were so helpful chatting to me over the phone and even going as far as coordinating with me for one of their lovely mechanics to help me get my car back to their workshop. Once there they quickly diagnosed and fixed the problem promptly.

I couldn’t be more happy with the service I have received there. As a Marrickville local I will definitely make Tunehouse my preferred mechanic from now on and will happily recommend to my friends and family.”

Toyota Corolla – Nicole

“Thank you Jim so much for looking after Jodie’s car for me and for attending to it personally.
Needless to say how much I appreciate it.

I also would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family and to you Tony also a very merry Christmas and all the very best for 2012.

Many Thanks”

Hyundai Getz – Eli

“Just wanted to thank you guys for an great job on the service of my ve ss.
Service, quality and professionalism was second to none, and the price very good too!
Will defiantely be returning the car to tunehouse for all servicing and tuning in the future.
Thanks Again!”

VE SS Commodore – Michael

“I dont think it is a single feature, it is a combination of features . . . professional workshop, wonderful service, total customer satisfaction, quality materials, after hours support, the list goes on!!! Combine all these factors and how can u go anywhere else?”

Audi S3 – Sean

“Once again you have outdone yourself.. I travel 6hrs round trip to these guys just for a minor service and sometimes tuning every 6 months, the way im treated is like one of the family. Jim runs his bussiness like the mans personallity, perfectionist in everything he does. After watching David and Tony work on my car i see they share the same love and dream that Jim has for his bussiness and the motor industry. Many people drag the motor industry down Jim holds his head high backs his calms and achives what many cant a perfect rep.

My day wasnt the best getting there my back up car (Dad and his mate) broke down on the way THAN my dads mate left his tablets in the car that broke down 🙁 . So i was left with the boys from TH to keep me company, had a good caht to everyone at TH and learned a lot about them. I now understand even more why i have back these guys over the past year+ and will continue to show support to them.

Thank you for the love you have shown my car and attention to detail that is Tunehouse.

Honesty, trust, respect is not bought or given its earned.

Thank you Tunehouse.”


“I had a minor issue with my engine yesterday afternoon. I had just left for Canberra and the Malfunction Indicator Lamp came on after about 2 minutes. I basically called Tim and took the car in… Jim again worked his magic, played with the settings having a look at the error code in the SCT Flash Tuner and the car was fixed, no more issues. Yet again the care these guys show when looking after their customers. I can’t thank them enough for their work and for the on-going support.

Thanks again Jim, Tony, Tim and the rest of the guys.”


“Last week I booked my car in for a service with the guys at Tunehouse at Marrickville, I must admit there was a slight degree of uncertainty before going there, having worked in the immediate area for sometime, I had been on the receiving end of some pretty savage rumors about there business practices. I am going to say that anything bad that I have heard about Tunehouse is a load of SH!T, they are some of the most polite and professional mechanics I have dealt with in a long time and their workshop is kept meticulously clean, you could quite literally eat off the floor.

The service started with dropping the car off for the recommended option, this was referred to as the Tunehouse Plus service, everything is given a good once over, oil changed, other fluids topped up, battery checked, brakes examined etc.

A few times during the course of the day I received calls advising me of procedures that were recommended to be carried out over and above the Plus service, the recommendations for this particular service were to re-torque all the suspension components (with a real torque wrench, not just some idiot going crazy with a rattle gun) and to perform a decarb service on the intake, I was immediately advised of the additional costs involved with these items, and authorised the extra work. None of these shoddy hidden “extra” charges when you come and collect your car with these guys, everything is above board and the work will not proceed without customer authority.

At the time of collecting my car I received a full 3 page report explaining the procedures carried out as part of the Plus service, the additional service items were also clearly detailed, and there were a few items listed for me to keep an eye on between services, i.e brakes will need replacing soon.

I recommend that anyone in the Sydney area give these guys a go for your next service, even with my work relocating to the western Sydney area in the near future I will be making the effort to keep using Tunehouse for my future servicing.”


“Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know I am absolutely over the moon with the work you all did on my Focus RS recently. My RS is crazy now and so much fun to drive! I’d like to thank everyone at THR for the amazing service,workmanship and friendly attitude they displayed while my car was there. I will definitely recommend THR to my friends and family, and will not hesitate to bring my car back for more work in the future.

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and have a safe and prosperous New Year. All the very best to the THR crew from myself, my wife Rhondda and my sons Jamie and Shannon. Here’s to an enduring friendship for many years to come.”

Ford Focus RS – Chris

“Just a quick note for the information of you and Jim, the Sportswagon now has a few hundred K’s on the clock since the latest upgrade and I could not be happier with the result.

Obviously there is marked increase in overall power, but the acceleration and responsiveness across a number of driving conditions is beyond expectations. The car has a had a good run on both highway and windy mountain roads up the coast and has performed flawlessly. (Surprisingly, I pretty happy about fuel consumption too!)

Thanks once again to you, Jim and all the team. Will see you in 2019 for a service.”

Holden Commodore VE SS – Rob

“My name is Mark Caine, I am the driver for Showtell Racing. We compete in the New South Wales production touring cars series. The Showtell Racing VF Clubsport R8 is tuned by Tunehouse. This year we finished the championship as Class A2 Champions 2017 and Mocomm Endurance Cup Champions 2017.

Jim from Tunehouse has tuned my HSV clubsport R8 to perfection. The car has been super reliable, solid as a rock and fast all year. I thoroughly recommend Tunehouse for all your tuning and modification needs whether they be for your track or street car.”

HSV Clubsport R8 – Mark

“Hi Jim, It was a pleasure to meet you last week. Thank you for the great job in tuning my HSV Sports Cat. I have now driven it for about a week and could not be happier. The increase in power is very evident and linear it’s great to drive in city, highway and towing. The improved fuel economy is also very apparent. Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you at one of Sydney FC game days.”

HSV Colorado Sportscat – John

“My car has been tuned by tune house after my recent experience with a different place. I couldn’t be happier with the service and result of my car and their attention to detail and pride of workmanship is second to none. This place is spotless, the guys are very well presented and greet you with a smile every time. Tune house is a place to be experienced by all who want the best! Thanks Jim, Tony and all the boys at Tunehouse.”


“Well in a rare feat of me getting time to do anything, I took my car down to Jim and the boys at Tunehouse yesterday for the ‘treatment’. I’ve gotta say, even though their reputation precedes them, that all the stories, legends and fables are true. They are a top bunch of blokes, the workshop is hospital clean and their work is spot on. You know your car is good hands when you covertly notice the guy who is going to have the life of your pride and and joy in his hands pause during his exit from the front office to straighten two chairs that would have been out of alignment by about a degree each! This attention to detail obviously transfers directly to Jim’s work, but you can also see how it has become the priority of his other staff as well. Mainly I dealt with Tony and George who are great their jobs and top blokes too. Tony went over my car for me and found the diff oil level from the factory to be low, and rectified it like a true gentleman.

What’s more, there was no shortage of kick ass grade coffee from Jim and Tony through out the day! They make sure they look after you and would have no hesitation in recommending a trip to Tunehouse to anyone.

So how did we go? Best figures were 350 something maybe 357 and 910nm but there was valve float occurring and Jim reeled her in until I invest in a set of springs. We ended up with 341.9 rwkw and 881nm of torque. It’s like I just went and bought a new car, nothing like the old.

Thanks again Tunehouse! I’ll be back…”


“I Just wanted to drop you a quick note wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2012. I hope you enjoy Criniti’s tonight and have a relaxing couple of weeks.

Thanks for your expertise and workmanship with my GTR this year and I’ll see you in 2012!

PS GTR went great on Saturday at Wakefield. And I’ve ordered an Alcon big brake kit!”

Nissan Skyline – Scott

“Just thought I’d post a quick update on my recent tune. I spoke with Jim a few weeks ago about possibly getting my car back on the dyno to do a quick check and tidy up. Jim said he’d learnt lots since my last tune and had a few ideas about getting a little more out of it and reducing fuel consumption.

So down I went and Jim chucked my car on and started weaving his magic tuning and flashing, tuning and flashing. Anyway car was on the dyno from about 10am till 3pm and came off with 340rwkw and 884nm. Not too much more power but the mid range is such an improvement. Now time for it’s usual test drive around the dodgy streets of Marrickville. What can I say, geez it’s hold on tight stuff now. Quite amazing how much better the car is and how much harder it goes. Loads more mid range and you can really feel the extra torque. We even flashed the old tune back in and took it for a squirt to see the difference, it was like night and day.

Now I’ve had the car for about 2 weeks and the fuel economy figures are really impressing me. On my last tune I was struggling to keep my economy below 14L/100 with the short trips I do to and from work. Now I’m easily managing 13L/100 with short trips and a number of squirts to stretch the legs. Could easily baby it along and keep it in the mid 12′s

Anyway all in all a great result which has impressed me quite a bit. Well done to Jim, Tony and George for all their efforts. This will keep me coming back time and time again.”


“The spotless floors and tools not all over the place, neat and tidy… a workshop that is taken care of means my car will be taken care of too.”

Ford Focus – Jake

“I would just like to say a huge thank to you guys I cannot thank you guys enough for taking the time with my wrx 03, the car after the tune is now driving the way that i always wanted (like a beast) unbelievable results after I drove the car I had the biggest smile on my face, the car now is so much more fun to drive. Also you guys professionalism was just amazing. I’m looking forward to the deal with you guys time and time again and I will never hesitate to recommend Tunehouse to anyone.”

Subaru Impreza WRX – Philip

“Thank you very much for the extra time and attention on my SVT Mustang. I am very pleased with the result.

Jonathan and I took the long way home on Saturday through Richmond, Kurrajong, Bell and Mt. Victoria. The car has noticeably more in gear acceleration and is much more responsive. It is like having a new car!

We also appreciated your generosity of time on Saturday morning to take us through the work (and for the great cup of coffee), when you were all so busy preparing for the Tuner challenge this week. Good luck with that, and we’ll be back for a check-up in 12 months.”

Ford Mustang SVT – Grant

“I noticed straight away the steering feels firmer/more direct at the steering wheel, car feels like it turns quicker, small to medium bumps are smoother. Car feels tight which I guess is because you guys have tightened everything again. Turn in is much nicer with a bit of pace. Definitely rolls less which improves movement in the seat when cornering.

Can’t wait till I get a chance to take it for a proper drive.
This car with the bush inserts, alloy arms, shocks & now springs I think is going to be even more fun when pushed. It has all made noticeable differences as they went on. And all in a good way.

As you know I have done plenty to different cars. A little more research and careful thought into what I wanted at the end this time has been money well spent – mostly at Tunehouse, which is a good thing!

Again thank you guys for putting up with my fussiness and being very helpful/informative This has helped me get to this result. Once again Tunehouse has me smiling even after parting with dollars.”


“Whilst researching the best tuning house to fit a turbo into my Subaru BRZ, I repeatedly came across the name Tunehouse in Sydney. They would not have been my first choice given I live 800km away in central Victoria, but I put in a call anyway and spoke with Tony. He was not only incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, but also he didn’t push me into anything and let me come to my decisions in my own time. This was most appreciated.

More research confirmed these guys definitely were who I was looking for, and several more conversations with Tony simply confirmed that. We were soon discussing tyres, wheels, and exhausts and Tony had some excellent ideas and suggestions.

At this point I should say that I am a very fussy buyer, but that fussiness has earned me two Emmy Awards for documentary films, so it can come in handy sometimes. Having an ABC archive trip in Sydney in late August meant I could drive up to Sydney in the BRZ and hopefully get Tony to squeeze me into his busy schedule. He did, another sign of their great customer service.

Upon arrival after nine hours of driving, I met Jim the owner of Tunehouse. Jim has owned the shop since 2001. He welcomed me into their very clean showroom area and gave me a good coffee. For any company to have a 17 year history is impressive nowadays, and to add to that, both Tony and David have being with Jim for 15 or more years of those years which says a lot about team spirit.

I could go on, but on the day of pickup they tirelessly worked on the dyno to get the right tune for me, and didn’t let up until Jim was 100% happy. I very much like that uncompromising attitude, even if I was leaving to drive back to Melbourne that same night!

In short, you could not go wrong with Tunehouse. They were brilliant right from the first phone call.”

Subaru BRZ – Geoffrey

“I was very hesitant to update my brand new S3 and wanted to find someone I could entrust to both modify my vehicle, but also take care of it in future. After much deliberation and research, I decided to visit the guys at Tunehouse and see for myself if they were the right fit for me. When I arrived, I was genuinely impressed with how clean and tidy the boys kept their workshop. The guys ran through all the options I was considering and answered all my questions on the spot. I even met the owner Jim, who was very down to earth and assured me my car was in good hands.

When I finally dropped off the vehicle and took the plunge, the fellas organised a loan car for me and both Brandon and Tony kept me in the loop (on a daily basis) about what was being done to the vehicle. I was very impressed with the service from the start and was ecstatic about the power increase I got in the end!

If you are considering a performance upgrade of your vehicle (especially if its new and under warranty), I would definitely urge you to move away from your keyboard and set a time to meet with Jim and his team at Marrickville to discuss the mods you have in mind, in person. Modifying a new vehicle can be daunting, BUT the guys at Tunehouse are well equipped to both modify and maintain your prized possession!

I highly recommend these guys and look forward to working with them again in future. You only live once, so go get yourself some more hp and get the most out of your vehicle!”

8V Audi S3 – George

“Perfect. The best professionals in the business. I wouldn’t drive the 800km round trip if that wasn’t so. Regards to Jim and the team. See you next time!”



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