Holden Commodore VE Clubsport gets a THR Spec C upgrade

Tony’s Holden VE Clubsport gets a THR Spec C Kit for the track! When this black VE Clubsport rolled into the driveway at Tunehouse, the client was pretty clear about what he wanted.

“It’s run in (had 30,000km’s on the clock) now it’s time to take it to the track! I want more grunt!”

The options were clear. We have a number of upgrade packages for the VE range of Holden and HSV vehicles and the THR (Tunehouse Racing) Spec C Upgrade was the obvious winner. This package is perfect for the track warrior, while keeping the car super street-able for daily duties.

The Tunehouse Spec C Upgrade Package results over 380kW courtesy of in-house developed parts:

  • THR Cold Air Intake
  • THR Extractors
  • THR Exhaust inc High Flow Cat
  • THR ‘Special’ Camshaft Upgrade
  • THR Upgraded Valve Springs
  • THR Adjustable Cam Sprocket
  • THR Timing Chain Upgrade

And all these parts are tied together with a Tunehouse ECU Flash and Custom Dyno Tune by Jim Ghelis. The THR Packages for the VE Holdens and HSV models extends right up to the Spec R Upgrade which includes the Spec C kit above and adds a Supercharger for extra mumbo; a solution that takes your street car output well up over 500kW. For now, the 380+kW this upgrade is enough to get some serious circuit and street kilometres under its belt.

Like all THR Packages, this car was treated to a Tunehouse Plus Performance Appraisal – this process allows us the opportunity to go right over the car and prepare a detailed report of absolutely everything our clients need to know about their cars! It is also an opportunity for us to get acquainted with the car and any previous mods or repairs.  With a clean bill of health and the paperwork done, the engine bay was prepared for the THR treatment!

First to be removed is the factory inlet components (air-box, inlet plenum etc) and the engine covers. The factory headers are removed as is the timing case cover so we can fit the upgraded camshaft, cam timing sprocket, timing chain and extractors. The rocker covers are also removed at this stage so we can access the valve springs, these are on the chopping block too!

With the THR Stainless Steel Extractors now fitted we turn our attention to the THR Upgraded Valve Springs. These are mandatory with for the reliability and stability a Tunehouse upgrade kit is capable of at high RPM. The cam is then swapped out in favour of the THR unit and then dialed in and checked with the new timing chain in place. All new gaskets are used along the way – so meticulous are we at Tunehouse that every bolt is cleaned and checked before being refitted!

With the THR Stainless Steel Exhaust system fitted and the extractors firing through one of our special cat converters, the car can be lowered to the ground and we can re assemble the engine bay and fit the THR Cold Air Intake.

Engine bay reassembled and the car back on the ground, it was time to plug in and re-calibrate the factory ECU. At Tunehouse, we’ve believed in the benefits of Flash tuning for some time and pride ourselves on using the best and having the most thorough understanding of the software to ensure we can offer our clients the very best possible result! In this instance, The THR Flash Software was chosen for its unparalleled access to the Holden ECU, ongoing features, support and updates.

The same principles were used when we chose to purchase and setup the Tunehouse Dyno Wind Tunnel. Voted Australia’s best dyno tuning cell, Jim uses and recommends Dynapack hub dynos for their flexibility and unmatched access to data from each and every car. Only the best diagnostic equipment find their way into the Tunehouse tuning cell. Jim himself wouldn’t have it any other way!

With the Clubsport loaded onto the Hubs in the Tunehouse tuning cell, Jim fitted all the data acquisition gear, booted up the dyno and begun doing what he does best! Understanding how the factory ECU works and how changes affect the car are paramount and Jim knows only too well how these things tick (Jim’s daily driver is the Tunehouse 580+kW Supercharged Clubsport). With Jim working into the late hours to sort out every single aspect of the tune, the Clubsport hit the streets the next morning!

With the crisp Euro sound of the Tunehouse Stainless Exhaust System throbbing away, the final road test saw the HSV unveil its new temperament. With each gear being able to be selected much earlier, the Clubsport sounding sharp and feeling every bit of it too! Given track duties were in the cars future, it was also treated to a host of Suspension and Braking goodies. Coilovers on each corner for the best possible ride, swaybars to really tie it to the road in the turns and a set of DBA rotors (5000 series alloy hated fronts and 4000 series rears) to help pull it up!

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