A very happy Ford Focus RS owner reveals all

There’s no suprise that at Tunehouse we love hearing feedback from clients and even more so we’re always excited to see when a client is that happy with what we’ve achieved they’ll put it all down in words.

Read John’s comments below since collecting his Ford Focus RS after a Tunehouse ECU flash upgrade and custom dyno tune!

Hi Tunehouse,

I thought I would write you all an email to say thank you for the work that you have done on my car and let you know how things have been going since Jim and the team worked on it.

The car since being tuned delivers 255kW and 527Nm of torque at the hubs, which has made the car far more enjoyable in every respect to drive. The car has over 500Nm of torque from 3300-4800rpm. This gives it a wide and very useful torque band. The car runs really nice on the street, the drivability in all driving situations is simply outstanding.

I have since clocked over 5000km since the tune (I drive a lot for work) and the car is just bullet proof. The cold start even on 650cc inj which was rumored to be a bit rough on the foreign generic tunes is silky smooth, just like standard on my TH tune.

I am a very fussy person when it comes to how a car feels and performs and I believe that this tune has delivered everything that I asked TH to do…my mandate to Jim and the TH team was this:

1) OEM quality tune
2) Smooth transitions
3) Easy to drive
4) Safe and reliable
5) More power everywhere
6) Enhance the standard car without changing its character

The result I got was to my complete satisfaction.

I can recommend TH to anyone who is interested in tuning their Focus RS. As my car was the first one to be tuned by TH, anyone with a Focus RS can benefit from TH’s experience in tuning on my car. The RS ECU is a very tricky beast to tune, as a result you need a tuner who has had the runs on the board, not just with the RS but with OEM tuning in general.

Experience is key to getting a good outcome with the RS, and certainly from my experiences with Jim Ghelis at TH on my car his attention to detail, conservative approach and always striving for perfection was a great recipe for me and my car.

As an engineer who has been modifying and tuning cars for over 25 years and being pedantic when it comes to tuning consistency, I can honestly say that I was very satisfied all round with the work that TH did… despite the fact that my RS was the first one that TH had tuned.

A big thanks again to Jim and the team at TH, keep up the great work!!


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