Ford FG XR6T gets THR Spec R Upgrade Kit

Having tuned some of the biggest horsepower street XR6 Turbo Fords in Australia, our THR (Tunehouse Racing) packages have become synonymous with results and quality for the guys flying the blue oval flag. When this specific client came knocking on the Tunehouse roller door, it wasn’t the 330kW Spec S kit, or the 390kW Spec C Kit he was after – no, instead he opted straight into the Tunehouse Spec R Upgrade with performance over well 440kW.

All Tunehouse packaged have been developed with reliability and genuine / repeatable gains in mind while all parts have been designed with a balance of perfect fit, maximum performance and a crisp finish and sound.

The Tunehouse Spec R kit consists of:

  • THR Fuel Pump and Surge Tank
  • THR Hi Flow Injectors
  • THR Dump Pipe
  • THR High Flow Cat Converter
  • THR Exhaust System
  • THR Upgraded Intercooler
  • THR Cold Air Intake
  • THR Battery Relocation Kit
  • THR Turbo Upgrade
  • THR XCAL 3 Interface – Custom Tuned of course!

At Tunehouse, absolutely every car we upgrade is 100% Custom tuned in-house by Jim Ghelis on our award winning dyno – we take each car on its own merits and custom tune it from scratch for the best possible results on each and every car!

The Spec R upgrade was exactly what the client had intended and as such, we wasted no time getting the car into the workshop and up onto the hoist for a Tunehouse Performance Appraisal. All vehicles booked in to Tunehouse for any kind of performance upgrade or dyno tuning get this at absolutely no cost. We do this so that as a client, you are 100% aware of everything you need to know about your car, before it is modified!

This car didn’t have much mileage on it, so with little to report, we quickly begun to remove the factory exhaust, turbocharger, front bumper and intercooler including all the piping, factory air box, disconnected the existing fuel system, removed the battery… and the fun began!

The mountain of new THR ‘go fast’ parts were then carefully fitted in place of the low-rent factory offerings. The THR external surge tank including fuel pump was mounted up under the front, the THR turbo upgrade was mounted to the exhaust manifold and care was taken to replace all studs, nuts and gaskets along the way. All THR parts are designed to bolt on.

The THR front mount intercooler upgrade was then fitted – all pipe work is replaced at this level even to the point where the battery requires relocation so that the intake to the turbo has a nice short path. A heat shield is fitted to cover the intake and all pipework is then secured. The fuel injectors were replaced as per THR Spec R procedure and the Tunehouse dump pipe and four-inch exhaust including high-flow cat are then bolted on and hung from all the factory exhaust mounts. Time to turn the key! The FG was loaded onto the Tunehouse hub dyno and Jim got ready for the XCAL3 fitment and setup.

At Tunehouse, we’ve believed in the benefits of flash tuning for some time and pride ourselves on using the best and having the most thorough understanding of the software to ensure we can offer our clients the very best possible result! In this instance, XCAL3 was chosen for its unparalleled access to the Ford Factory ECU and ongoing features, support and updates. The same principles we’re used when we chose to purchase and setup the Tunehouse dyno. Voted Australia’s best dyno tuning cell, Jim uses and recommends Dynapack hub dynos for their flexibility and unmatched access to data from each and every car. Only the best diagnostic equipment find their way into the Tunehouse Tuning cell. Jim himself wouldn’t have it any other way!

The amount of torque these cars are capable of more than your average commuter will ever need! What you would want on the other hand, is another matter!

This car is a great example of Tunehouse delivering a client the exact driving experience our client was after! At Tunehouse we have a range of upgrade packages to suit most late model high performance vehicles and more to the point; we know how to deliver a real exceptional setup to suit even the most specific needs! Call Tunehouse now on (02) 9557 4000 or email for all the top brands!

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