2016 HSV Maloo R8 LSA – headers, pulley, dyno tune

Utes don’t come much more potent than the HSV Maloo R8 LSA. Packing 400kW (at the engine) factory form, it’s fair to say it’s not short of power. With that said, the owner of this car came to us looking to add some more bark and performance.

We suggested going for a set of new custom headers, as well as swapping the factory supercharger pulley for a smaller item to slightly increase boost. As you can see in the image below, the factory headers are quite restrictive. The new four-into-one set will greatly improve flow and engine response. A set of high-flow cats was also part of the package.

After fitting the new pulley, headers, and cats, the Maloo R8 was put on the dyno for a full custom tune. Given the mods that we carried out, as well as the conservative factory tune these models have, we knew the power and torque gains would be excellent not only in terms of numbers, but also the way the it’s delivered.

Check out the dyno video:

The dyno readout showed we’d increased the power by 76kW and torque by 157Nm for a final dyno figure of 390kW @ 5400rpm and 768Nm @ 3660rpm (at the wheels). As you can see on the dyno graph in the video the power curve no longer had any flat spots and was much more linear.

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