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Wholesale & OEM Tuning

Perfect Solution For Most Applications

At Tunehouse we have the facilities, equipment and team to tune just about anything on 4 wheels. Petrol or diesel, from classics with carby and distributor through to the latest port and direct injected engines, we have virtually all applications covered.

Our technicians have over 50 years of combined tuning experience across a multitude of platforms. We specialise in OEM ECU recalibration for Ford, Holden, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Toyota and virtually all European brands. We are also well versed in aftermarket engine management installation and configuration, and interceptor installation and calibration. This combination allows us to come up with the perfect solution for most applications, be it an individual one off build, or performance packages completed to Original Equipment Manufacturer specification.

Typically, the bulk of our work is for retail owners but we also tune vehicles for other workshops under sub contract, and can confidentially complete tuning and calibration work for high end aftermarket and OEM suppliers as well.


Take Advantage Of Our Facilities, Equipment & Team

Don’t have the time or facilities to get something exactly the way your customer would like? Your existing array of tuning tools don’t allow for you to tune something the way you otherwise would? We may be able to help.

For enquiries or discussions for any vehicle or arrangement in confidence, please reach out to or call Jim personally on +61 2 9557 4000.

CALL NOW: (02) 9557 4000


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