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Power Of Dyno Cell

Tunehouse Dyno Cell – Nothing else quite like it.

The Tunehouse Dyno room is literally one of its kind in terms of the Performance and Tuning industry. While there are plenty of tuning shops that have put some walls up around their dyno and make space for a fan in front of it, the Tunehouse Dyno room is a purpose built, engineered solution that is in essence a wind tunnel for dyno tuning. The story behind the build of Australia’ Most advanced Tuning Cell can be seen HERE!


“I’m very proud of what I set out to achieve. The Tunehouse Dyno Room is state of the art and a first of its kind in Australia, possibly even the world. As a hands on tuner I wanted complete control over the environment as this is important and also as a business owner I wanted accuracy for my customers so they confidence in what we deliver to them in terms of results and reliability.

Jim GhelisTunehouse Business Owner

What Makes The Tunehouse Dyno Cell Unique?

Air Flow

The Tunehouse wind tunnel is designed to replicate genuine wind speeds up to 160km/h and that is not just at the front of the car – The entire vehicle is exposed to the type of wind that it would experience traveling at 160KM’h out on the road or at a track. Other dyno cells simply use a fan aimed at the engines radiator in order to keep the coolant temperatures acceptable while tuning. The Tunehouse room in fact takes much more info consideration such as how the air affects the car’s undercarriage and exhaust system. In the real world the exhaust system is exposed to significant air flow dissipating exhaust temperatures which is completely replicated on the Tunehouse dyno.


The Tunehouse dyno not only has the ability to control absolute airflow that the car is exposed to in the cell, through a very unique design it can also control the barometric pressures that the car is exposed to. The barometric pressures that a car is exposed to in the real world varies significantly such as when driving up hills etc and this can have an impact on the tune as there are no compensations made for it when the setup is done. One of the unique features of the Tunehouse dyno is the ability to adjust the barometric pressures inside the room. Because of this, the Tunehouse team can replicate these pressures from sea level, right up to those experience at height such as the top of Australia’s most famous circuit, Mount Panorama.


When the Tunehouse dyno was designed it was done so with acoustics in mind. When the tuning process is being performed it is important to hear the engine and the noises it makes. When a vehicle is being driven at full load there are a huge amount of acoustics at play such as exhaust noise, intake noise, wheel and tyre rotations noise etc. The walls of the Tunehouse dyno room however have been acoustically designed to reduce the noises or frequencies that are not important and amplify the ones that are. This means that when tuning in the Tunehouse Dyno Cell, we have every possible chance of hearing what is needed to be heard and done easily as we don’t need to mentally filter out the background noise.

Environmentally Friendly

Given the Dyno’s capacity to host massive 1000 HP vehicles, there can be a lot of heat and noise generated during testing and tuning. The Dyno is cooled by water for these purposes and true to the Tunehouse ECO friendly approach this water is recycled on site in a 1000 Litre storage tank for re-use. Another Environmental concern was the noise and this too has been addressed with the special sound proofing efforts to minimize the acoustics outside the room that could potentially effect surrounding neighbors and staff inside the shop.

Dynapack Dyno

You can read more about the Tunehouse 9600 Series AWD Dynapack Dyno HERE! Suffice to say all measure have been taken with it’s design to ensure repeatability, consistency and accuracy for testing and tuning. The Tunehouse dyno has accurately shown to read the difference in power, even as small as it is with your car’s light on versus being off for a power run. What this means to us is we know and have confidence when we measure a change in tune and how it impacts your car. This accuracy as well as the complete control of the tuning environment in the Tunehouse Dyno Cell means no matter what day of the year it is or in what season it is we can tune, adjust and measure to the most infinite degree.

Viewing Window

While it isn’t feasible in terms of legalities and insurance for you to be in the room when your car is being tested and tuned, we at Tunehouse understands that there are certain things you as a customer and enthusiast may simply want to be involved in. As such there is a special viewing window in the Customer Waiting Area for you to view the tuning and testing being performed. Remember though, this process can take some time so we recommend not planning on staying at Tunehouse for the entire time. We do a great Espresso though if you do decide to stick around!


Tunehouse invests in only the best available technology to ensure we deliver maximum value to our customers. Inside the Dyno room you find Camera’s for the exhaust tail pipe so the tuner can literally see what is coming out of the engine. The screen that displays the Dyno’s various outputs is displayed on a large easy to read 60 inch LED display panel in front of the car. Tunehouse also have various other tuning and diagnostic aids on hand available for use with all projects including, Wireless OBDII scanners & PC Logging facilities, 5 Gas Emissions Analyzer, In Cylinder Combustion Pressure Test Equipment, Advanced Knock Sensing Equipment, Air Fuel Ratio Testing and Logging and much more…

Ready To Use Dyno Room

The Tunehouse Dyno Room is ‘tuned’ and ready to use. The Dyno has seen any number of different applications over the years including Open Wheel Race Cars, 1000HP + Drag cars, 800 HP + Street Cars and has is regularly also used for diagnostic procedures on otherwise standard road cars and modified street & performance cars. Tunehouse is often contracted by other professional workshops for their tuning work too, so your car may have already even been on our dyno! We recommend coming by and seeing it for yourself as quite simply, it’s impressive.

If you’re considering a Tunehouse Dyno Tune please don’t hesitate to call us for more information, email Tunehouse at or drop by the shop as we’re more than happy to discuss your project and how we can help.


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