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THR-86: local hero goes global but we’re not done with it yet!

The THR-86 is in such a high demand these days, it rivals Hollywood celebrities in its popularity. Not only did […]

6 Things to check before you leave for your summer holiday

Before you set out on your summer holidays, make sure your car is up to the heat. At Tunehouse we’ll make sure your car can cruise through summer.

Tunehouse gives the new LSA-powered Maloo a bit of a boost!

Recently the crew from Performance Drive brought down a brand new Holden GTS Maloo LSA. The car will be undergoing some modifications in the near future but having a new car in a stock form allowed us to check how close the real horsepower figure is to the one claimed in the promotional brochure.

Upgrade kits for the new Porsche Macan from Techart and Tunehouse

If you want the very best in German-made upgrades for your Porsche Macan, there is only one choice. TechArt specialise in a full range of upgrades tailored to Porsches. The new Macan has not been overlooked with the latest power kits for the Macan S and Macan Turbo now available from Tunehouse.

Summertime Blues – Can your car handle the heat?

Summer is once again just around the corner and if the soaring temperatures of the past few weeks are any indication it’s going to be a hot one!