Monthly Archives: September, 2014

Jim’s Word – October 2014: Friction, Lubrication and inertia

All moving parts of your car are subject to wear and tear. All of them will eventually need replacing. That’s […]

Team Tunehouse getting ready for World Time Attack Challenge

The preparations for the World Time Attack Challenge are now in full swing at Tunehouse with all cars in their final stages of completion.

10 Ways to save money on your car expenses

If you feel that your car is costing you too much money here are some handy hints to reduce your running expenses.

Is your car ready for Summer? Don’t be caught off guard this year.

Australian summer is envied by many around the world and it’s easy to see why – the cloudless skies, sun […]

Nissan’s flagship gets some stopping power at Tunehouse

Here at Tunehouse we are firm believers in a wholistic approach to tuning and upgrades. Getting more power out of your engine is great but remember you will still need to bring all that power to a halt when needed.

Jim’s Word – September 2014: Carburettors, EFI and classic cars.

With the popularisation of EFI fuel systems, carbureted and mechanically engines have taken the back seat. But at Tunehouse, we still know how to tune them right.