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VF Clubsport: More Than Just a Commodore

What is a muscle car? What defines a muscle car? Most people will tell you something along the lines of […]

The importance of brake maintenance.

If your car needs a brake inspection or you’re due for a service and want complete peace of mind, call Tunehouse for a brake inspection.

Tunehouse R32 getting some track time in preparation for WTAC

John’s GTR will be one of three Tunehouse cars competing at the World Time Attack Challenge in October.

Three Pronged World Time Attack

With mid October closing in, we have been busier than ever preparing for World Time Attack.  Not only will we […]

Track Bred: Stepping Up Development on the THR 86

With World Time Attack getting closer and closer, it’s safe to say we’ve had our hands full getting ready.  Not […]

Jim’s Word – SEPTEMBER 2013

As this year’s World Time Attack Challenge approaches we are getting some serious time attack cars through our workshop. Take […]