Monthly Archives: February, 2012

In-Car Video Just Got Easy at Tunehouse

 In Car Video Just Got Easy at Tunehouse HKS’s DMR (Direct Multi Recorder) is a serious bit of gear that […]

THR Spec C may just cure the mid life crisis

Tunehouse Performance Upgrade Kits – We may have solved Mid Life Crisis’ once and for all! We often get Customers […]

R32 GTR by Tunehouse a huge success

R32 GTR by Tunehouse a Huge Success! This Tunehouse client approached us with a very clean and mostly standard R32 […]

‘Vette is in the Tunehouse

Another very special car to come through the Tunehouse doors is this LS7-powered Z06 Corvette. The stance of these cars is simply awe-inspiring.

Jim’s Word – February 2012

By now you would have seen our Facebook updates in January and February that saw me tackle the snow and […]