Monthly Archives: January, 2012

London to Cape York Results for Tunehouse tuned VC Commodore

Tunehouse Tuned Commodore Takes 2nd in Class! Congratulations to the Australian team of Greg and Sam Newton for taking 2nd […]

Tunehouse development and testing facility

Tunehouse Dyno Room: One of a kind in Australia!

Tunehouse Dyno Room: One of a Kind in Australia!   It took about 12 months of building, late nights and head […]

Aston Martin comes in for some Tunehouse treatment

One of the nicest looking coupes available today? We think it should certainly be in the running! This ‘mostly Carbon fibre’ Aston Martin DBS is a regular at Tunehouse where only the ‘Tunehouse Difference’ is enough for this festideous client!

Tunehouse Announces HKS back in D1

HKS returns to D1 Grand Prix in 2012 in a Toyota 86

HKS re affirms it’s motorsport heritage by Entering the D1 in a new Toyota 86 Everyone is excited about the […]

Want more for your VW Tiguan

Want more for your VW Tiguan? The VW Tiguan posted strong sales for VW Australia and even in its native […]

Explaining Mono Tube vs Twin Tube Suspension Systems

Tunehouse explains Mono Tube vs Twin Tube Suspension Systems What shock absorbers are for? Shock absorbers slow down the vibrations […]

Jim’s Word – January 2012

Happy New Year! First of all I just wanted to say all the very best to you for 2012 from […]