Monthly Archives: October, 2011

EcuTek RaceROM Features for Evo X and Colt Ralliart

Tunehouse announces EcuTek RaceROM Featuresfor Mitsubishi Evo X and Colt Ralliart Tunehouse have released RaceROM Features for all EVO X and […]

Tunehouse lends a helping hand to MOTOR Magazine

The famous Tunehouse Dyno Room provides a suitable backdrop for MOTOR magazine’s workshop gear comparo.

Why Does Tunehouse use Castrol Synthetic?

  Why Castrol Synthetic? Tunehouse explains.   Castrol Professional Synthetic lubricants are engineered to do the job of a conventional lubricant […]

Tunehouse Voted Australia’s Most Professional Workshop!

Celebrating its 80th anniversary, Hofmann and the IAME surveyed a number of Australia’s most prominent automotive workshops to find a suitable winner. After a long search a clear winner emerged and we’re happy to announce that Australia’s Most Profession Workshop for 2011 is Tunehouse!

KW Dynamic Damper Control is now here!

Tunehouse announces Dynamic Damper Control from KW Setup at the push of the original switch at the dashboard Choice between […]

MOTOR Magazine Hot Tuner Challenge 2010

All the hottest cars produced by Australia’s Most Respected Workshop in one place at one time – read what the […]