What is a Tunehouse Flash Tune?


 Flash tuning is the term applied to the tuning process where the computer in your car that controls the engine can be effectively re-programmed. Adjustments can be made to the tuning of the car in the same way the car was setup from the factory and means the car can be calibrated for aftermarket and performance modifications. Even a stock and unmodified car can be tuned in this fashion and often performance can be improved.


RIGHT: Dyno graph showing the gains on a custom flash tuned STI
LEFT: Screen grab of the flash tuning software interface from Tunehouse

With the greater majority of cars these days there is an electronic control unit (ECU) that is programmed and tuned by the manufacturer when the car is built to ensure your engine starts and runs. This unit generally dictates the level of performance available. Unlike cars of a few years back when you would drop it off every year or so for a ‘tune-up’ these electronically controlled cars are not normally adjustable. Either the ECU and their sensors is working correctly in-which case your car runs fine, or there is a problem and the car needs to be checked for faults. A Tunehouse flash tune allows us to adjust these settings which would otherwise not be possible so that performance, drive ability and economy can be improved upon.

Not all cars are candidates for flash tuning and just as importantly depending on your plans, flash tuning may not necessarily be your best option. That being said there is more and more that can be done with this process and Tunehouse have invested in the very best and latest software to ensure we have access to and can flash tune the widest possible range of cars.

Another important factor with the Tunehouse suite of flash tuning is we resist getting involved unless we have absolute control over the tuning process. Often we hear of and see “other” tuning organizations that have maps emailed to them to simply program them to their customers cars. At Tunehouse however you get a completely customised tune to suit you and your car, every time. It is the only way we will get involved.


There is no substitute for custom tuning! Each and every car no matter how mechanically similar is different – you only need to drive two identical cars straight off your dealer floor and you will see the performance differs slightly between them. This may only seem like a small difference but when you realize that every car is tuned to the ‘lowest common denominator’ in terms of sensor calibration, mechanical tolerance and fuel being used, you will quickly realize that a customised map for your car in its current mechanical configuration and using the fuel you use every day, is always going to be the best one.

Jim Ghelis, Tunehouse founder and tuner


Custom flash tuning equates to improvements in power and torque no doubt, but it also can have a huge effect on the drive-ability and fuel economy of your car. Massive improvements to your fuel bill can be achieved with flash tuning as can the enjoyment of driving after we can iron out fluctuations in torque presented from the factory.

Most flash tuning is performed through the factory diagnostic port (OBDII) and apart from the additional performance under your right foot, there is little sign your car has been tuned or modified.

Compared to aftermarket stand alone ECU’s, interceptor ECU’s and other such tuning solutions, flash tuning your factory ECU has fantastic benefits. As it is working with the factory technology and engineering you can retain all the great features you take for granted with your factory ECU such as cold starts, smooth idle and cruise control. All your factory instruments work without any hiccups and the diagnostic and servicing procedures remain as the factory intended.

Read more about the benefits of dyno tuning HERE and the Tunehouse dyno tuning cell HERE.

Call now to see if your car is a candidate for a Tunehouse custom flash tune. Remember, every upgrade at Tunehouse is 100% custom dyno tuned to ensure the absolute best possible result, every time. We can be contacted on by phone on (02) 9557 4000 or email at info@tunehouse.com.au.