One Spoilt 86 – Turbocharged with the lot


One very lucky ZN6 has rolled into the sheds this past week with more upgrades than you can throw a stick at. At the customers request we have rolled out the red carpet for this one. We are upgrading the car in all aspects from Brakes, to Suspension, to the Driveline and last but not least – Power!


So just a quick overview for you guys on where we are at.. We started first with its stopping power. AP Racing 4 pot calipers at the front mated to DBA slotted 2 piece rotors and braided brake lines for all fours.


For the pads we’ve gone with Ferodo DS2500, a very capable pad for the track but can also perform well on the street. To finish it off some AP Racing Race brake fluid.


Now onto the suspension! Our Custom THR Spec Bilstein B16 Coilovers takes care of the ride. We’ve developed these coilovers taking into account ride quality as well as performance. They offer a sporty and precise ride whilst avoiding that crashy feel most coilover kits have.


Whiteline camber bolts & Hardrace Rear Lower control arms provided adjustability in the camber department.


For the exhaust we’ve gone with a beautiful HKS Hi-Power Spec L Titanium tip exhaust.

That brings us to where we currently stand.. the turbo kit! Our customer has gone for our mid level turbo kit – a Garrett GTX capable of up to 300kw. To take care of the driveline with all that extra power we’ve fitted a Stage 2 clutch kit. For the fueling we’ve gone with a Flex fuel setup for both E85 and 98RON.

How’s that for a modlist! Stay tuned for the finished result after Jimmy works his magic!