The humble VRX Lancer is often neglected in turn for its bigger brother – the Evo. Although if you look at it in its own right (and not a wannabe Evo) they are good cars. They provide good fuel economy, punchy 2.4L engine and boat loads of cabin space, boot space and creature comforts. It turns out that the VRX is a chassis that has a quite a cult following.

So when one of our customers approached us to provide him with a Performance package, we were excited to see what we could squeeze out of the 2.4L MIVEC engine.


The first port of call was to look at its breathing components. A HKS Super Hybrid Panel filter replaced the stock item and a Ralliart intake snorkel was added to increase airflow to the intake.


Of course we needed to upgrade the exhaust system to match the increased airflow. Our customer supplied us with some headers to fit on the vehicle, which led to a custom catback exhaust which we took care of. The customer also requested a dual outlet style exhaust which were happily obliged to make up.


With all the basic breathing mods sorted it was onto the tune! Using our THR ECU remapping solution, Jim was able to tune the standard ECU to gain maximum efficiency and power output. The beauty of our Custom Dyno tune is that we are able to tune each car individually. Every tune is bespoke and tailored to your vehicle.


We tuned this customers car on BP 98RON fuel and we were very pleased with the results to say the least. Just look at the difference between the two graphs. We’ve gained an extra 25kw and 40Nm of torque. This would’ve made the car feel dramatically different.