A rare 2-door GC8 gets some Tunehouse treatment

Another Tunehouse driveway regular, this GC8 2-door MY99 STI comes packed and ready to rumble with an Angle Mount Turbo, Tomei Individual Throttle Body Inlet Manifold, 2.5 Litres of Subaru goodness and a Motorsport Spec 6 speed Dog box.

AP Racing Brakes hint at the true purpose of the car. There’s an M800 MOTEC to make it all work and the factory cluster is all but gone – replaced instead with a MOTEC SDL Dash and a host of aftermarket gauges to keep an eye on absolutely everything.

Not surprised really with the car being equipped with Engine oil, Gearbox and Rear Diff Oil Coolers, Race spec Brakes (the previously mentioned AP’s) and that gearbox – this car has some serious track time in its near future. The engine bay features vacuum pumps (necessary with the ITB manifold in place) Oil catch tanks, Front Mount Intercooler pipe work and enough gear to have you average V8 supercar technician at least a little envious – this thing is driven every day!

Whiteline gear feature throughout as does all the chassis bracing you can find over a lifetime making this 2 door feel tight as in the twisty stuff. With more dyno time at Tunehouse in the pipeline this will be one dyno graph to be on the look-out for! 

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