Aftermarket ECU Installation and Tuning

Tunehouse offers a comprehensive range of stand-alone, piggy-back and interceptor-type ECU options with expert advice and fitting/tuning service. When it comes to ECU tuning, leave it to the professionals who have many years of ECU experience under their collective belt. There are many different options to consider when upgrading your car and there are no doubt considerable pro’s and con’s to go with each. That being said, Tunehouse can make the decision for you an easy one and help with a plain English explanations along the way.

Tunehouse have experience with virtually every kind of Aftermarket ECU as well as Flash tuning of the factory ECU and like all the work we do, absolutely every car we do is 100% Custom dyno tuned by Jim Ghelis, Owner and Tuner here at Tunehouse for the best possible results on each and every car! Every aspect of the tune is optimised as while we know you want the confidence at full throttle, it is equally as important to ensure the car is otherwise crisp and responsive under all driving conditions. A Tunehouse custom tune with an aftermarket ECU will ensure the maximum safe performance with real time tuning adjustments for fast and accurate changes to mapping – All tested and confirmed on our in-house dyno and wind tunnel testing facility.


Aftermarket ECU Options and Tunehouse

 Interceptor Style ECU’s

An Interceptor Style ECU from Tunehouse effectively wires in between your factory sensors and your factory ECU. Instead of being responsible for the actions of an ECU as such, it instead modifies the signals leading into the factory ECU in order to ‘trick’ it into making adjustments to variables such a fuelling and ignition timing. This can be very effective if tweaking a relatively mild setup, however generally they have their limitations and for the best results we don’t usually recommend this style of upgrade where changes like oversized Injectors and turbo charging (an otherwise NA motor) is being planned.


Stand Alone & Replacement ECU’s

Unlike a Interceptor style unit, a complete replacement ECU as the name suggests completely replaces your factory ECU and takes over 100% control of your engine and ancillary devices. These are generally fully programmable units and depending on how feature packed may include full control over fuel, ignition, cam timing, A/C functions, idle, boost control, cooling fan operation etc. These Units will generally give you the greatest level of flexibility with setup and can allow removal of restrictive air flow meters and provide for significant increases in performance over factory. Replacement ECU’s are also ideal of engine conversions and EFI conversions on older cars as well.

Piggyback ECU’s

Piggyback ECU’s are often replacement ECU’s that are literally piggybacked with the factory ECU. Instead of giving the aftermarket gear 100% control over every function, this type of install allows for the factory ECU to control some of the engine parameters such as throttle control and cooling fans while the aftermarket ECU is used to control some of the more performance orientated features such as fuel, ignition and boost. This can be implemented to simplify the installation on some high end cars where the factory ECU is integral to the smooth operation of the car and can also allow aftermarket ECU’s with lesser features to be used as less outputs and functionality may be necessary.


Tunehouse offer wiring, install and tuning services for most types of aftermarket programmable ECU’s – Even if you already have an ECU fitted to your project and you want to take advantage of the Tunehouse difference, give us a call now! (02) 9557 4000 or simply email us at