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2016 HSV Maloo R8 LSA – headers, pulley, dyno tune

Utes don’t come much more potent than the HSV Maloo R8 LSA. Packing 400kW (at the engine) factory form, it’s […]

2018 Subaru WRX STI – Stage 2 +40kW (video)

The Subaru 2018 WRX STI is quite the package straight out of the box. In factory form the STI’s EJ25DET […]

An American icon drops by Tunehouse for some TLC

In the automotive world there are few badges as iconic as the galloping pony found on the grille of a Ford Mustang. Good thing the team at Tunehouse are well versed in old school, carburettor technology and love working on classic cars.

A bit of R&D goes a long way when custom tuning turbo diesels.

We’ve been doing a fair bit of R&D in the turbo diesel area lately. When done properly, modern turbo diesel engines can pick up quite a lot of power and torque with a custom tune.

Britain’s Finest – tuning Aston Martin’s V12 Vantage

It doesn’t get much more British than Aston Martin, it is after all James Bond’s car of choice in most of his on-screen adventures. This one gets the full Tunehouse treatment.

Zed Transformed. Another 370Z benefits from the Tunehouse know-how.

In its standard form the 370Z is already a potent beast so it takes an experienced tuner to extract that extra power and enhance its overall performance. Luckily, at Tunehouse we have just such a tuner. Jim is the go-to man for all high-tech performance tuning and a nationally renowned authority in Nissan and in particular the Z series.

Tunehouse WTAC Warriors. The World Time Attack Challenge wrap.

With a well-prepared three-car team we anticipated great things as we entered this year’s Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge.

Tunehouse Nissan R32 to take on the Open Class at this year’s WTAC

With 750hp on tap and a fully worked RB26DETT 2.6 litre engine, this is one very serious R32. And it needs to be, after all it will be competing against Australia’s best Open Class time attack teams at this year’s World Time Attack Challenge!

THR-86 undergoes a baptism of fire at the Wakefield Park Raceway.

With the suspension, brakes, exhaust, forced induction and tune ticked there was only one thing left to do and that is to see who all these modifications perform under duress of some heavy duty driving around a race track.

Old school Falcon gets some help from Tunehouse

We see many late, high tech cars at Tunehouse but every now and then we get to work on some great classics. Like this 1960 Ford Falcon XK Deluxe for example.

THR 86 – The Tunehouse Toyota 86 Project

It took very little inspiration to get Tunehouse Team boss to confirm the order and get a delivery date out of Toyota for the THR 86 – Tunehouse’s new project car. What you see here is the latest additional to the Tunehouse stable and if Jim’s daily driven 800HP HSV R8 is anything to go by the 147KW and nimble character of the 86 / BRZ platform is about to get a rude awakening!

Tunehouse 86 and BRZ Development – BRZ Suspension

The Subaru BRZ or ‘Toyota FT86’ as the platform is also know is reaching almost cult following – Developing a massive fan base in a very short amount of time.

This Cosworth powered Subaru STi is getting ready to take on Superlap!

Originally intended as a fast street car, this STI hatch has undergone somewhat of a makeover since coming through the doors.

This Nissan R32 GTR Superlap Veteran is in need of some Tunehouse magic

1 minute, 35.87 seconds – that’s how long it takes for this R32 GTR to lap Sydney’s Eastern Creek Raceway. Can Jim waive his magic over the Motec M800 and find something more? We’re counting on it!

With 4 Barrel Carbs and 327ci – this Pontiac is all classic muscle!

Tunehouse’s Jim Ghelis is one of the very few left in Australia who is an expert with and not at all afraid of carburettors, so it’s no wonder the owner of this immaculate Pontiac Parisienne entrusted him with his pride and joy.

It’s everything I’ve asked for and more! One happy RS Focus owner reveals all.

Anyone with a Focus RS can benefit from the Tunehouse experience in tuning on my car – one happy RS Focus owner reveals all.

A rare 2-door GC8 gets some Tunehouse treatment

Subarus weren’t all created equal this particular one, being a GC8 2 Door MY99, was already a little special.

What lurks beneath the bonnet of this Subaru STi? Read on to find out…

We seem to be developing a bit of a reputation here at Tunehouse. A reputation for building and tuning some very fast track Subarus!

Vette is in da T-house

Another very special car to come through the Tunehouse doors is this LS7-powered Z06 Corvette. The stance of these cars is simply awe-inspiring.

Aston Martin comes in for some Tunehouse treatment.

One of the nicest looking coupes available today? We think it should certainly be in the running! This ‘mostly Carbon fibre’ Aston Martin DBS is a regular at Tunehouse where only the ‘Tunehouse Difference’ is enough for this festideous client!

HSV R8 Development at Tunehouse

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Tunehouse Nissan R35 GTR Development – Part 1

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Subaru WRX STi MY11 Build – Tunehouse Style!

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Cosworth Subaru STI build commences at Tunehouse

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Holden Commodore VE Clubsport gets a THR Spec C upgrade

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GWS Personnel BMW 335i

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David Lord’s MY00 Subaru WRX STi at the 2011 WTAC

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Tunehouse team sets the pace at the MOTOR Hot Tuner Challenge

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Ford XR5 confirmed for the MOTOR Hot Tuner Challenge

Peter Beyerman’s sleek and powerful Ford Focus XR5 has been confirmed at Tunehouse’s 2nd entry into the MOTOR Hot Tuner […]

Tunehouse enters the World Time Attack Challenge with a Subaru WRX STi.

Tunehouse entry into this year’s World Time Attack Challenge is Fytos George’s MY08 Subaru WRX STi. Competing in the Clubsprint […]

THR’s Golf R set to shine at the MOTOR Hot Tuner Challenge

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Ford FG XR6T gets THR Spec R Upgrade Kit

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Another Happy Subaru Client MY07 STI Upgrade Kit

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RS Focus – Just The Beginning

RS Focus: Just the Beginning   What would you do if you have arguably one of the Hottest Performance Hatches […]

Mini Cooper S Upgraded and Custom Tuned

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